The world’s first cryptocurrency for charitable giving 


Binance Smart chain

HCS is developing to take charity, to the next degree for all. With HCS extraordinary, modern blockchain technology, the sector of donations will revel in a significant transformation regarding security and speed of delivery.
Taking part in the HCS ICO will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of this innovative blockchain-based decentralized undertaking in addition to receiving the benefit of earnings from the preliminary supplying.

(P.S): we don’t accept any donations if you want to donate send your donations to Binance charity  “BEWARE OF SCAMMRS ” we want you to use HCS coin to donate with it .

What is HCS Coin?

 HCS is a secured and efficient cryptocurrency trading and donation coin committed to building a unique and secure system aimed at assisting and financially supporting charitable organizations who seek to engage the next generation of philanthropists through the use of blockchain technology.

HCS designed not only to take charity, to the next level but also help individuals who took part in our ICO increase and multiply their investment..

  • The Safest Way
  • Trading
  •  Monitoring your Donation
  • Native Utility Token

Our Features

Help Coins  is supporting and offering comprehensive functionality for a vast range of digital assets. Here are some of the key elements of Help Coins Protocol..
  • The Safest Way

Safety and transparency are guaranteed from the blockchain

  • Trading

A corresponding trading pair will also operate on decentralized spot trading and centralized cryptocurrency exchange functionality for platform users and more .

  • Monitoring your Donation

Full view on monitoring your donation through the BSC Network .

  • Native Utility Token

The native utility token of Help Coins will be HCS,  The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more.

  • Help Coins project

Which allow the users to donate money easy and we will build many real projects to the people  which will make our coin more powerful and more profit for you


Network Integration

The Help Coins is chain agnostic we plan to have an initial focus of integrating the products built on 7 networks , Help Coins will not be limited to these network products.

HCS Base Protocol is built on the Binance Smart chain  blockchain and will launch on PancakeSwap.


Base Protocol code is open-source and accessible on the Base GitHub. The foundation updates this repository as new developments are made.

Help coins projects Including

Donate to Binance Charity

Send 100,000 HCS every month to Binance Charity for 10 months .

How it all started

June 2020
Idea Development , Extensive Research and Analysis
December 2020
Website development , Social media accounts for our token
January 2021
WhitePaper v1.0 we create the first version of whitepaper
February 2021
Smart contract Development on Binance Smart Chain Network
February 2021
Starting Stake and AirDrops program
March 2021
Starting Private Sale
April 2021
Starting Pre-sale
April 2021
Starting the first Help project in Africa WaterWell after the Pre sale
May 2021
20 % from funds raised will add liquidity for the pool And the first listing will be pancakeswap. A HCS/BNB trading pair will be added there two weeks from the date of the pre sale. The listing price of HCS will be double the price of the Pre sale.
May 2021
Send 100000 HCS to Binance Charity for ten months till send 1 Million HCS to Binance charity
June 2021
Listing on centralized cryptocurrency exchange(CEX),Decentralized exchanges (DEX) and Starting Help projects
December 2021
20 % from funds raised will add liquidity for the pool And the first listing will be pancakeSwap. A HCS/BUSD trading pair .
February 2022
Create the new Help coins HCSE for ERC20 Network and HCST for TRC20 Network
March 2023
Launching Help Coins APP for Android and IOS

Token Allocation

100,000,000 HCS will be minted and will have the following distribution :

51% Distributed to community

15% Help Coins Projects (in Africa – coronavirus – Education – Homeless people – Drug cessation institutions – etc  )

15% for our Founders and our team

10% pre-Sale

5 % Private Sale

2% Stake , Airdrops and Bounty

1 % Binance Charity

1% Binance LauchPool

Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns , Help coins gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns and make people dreams true .

  • 51% Distributed to Community

  • 15% Help Coins project

    This mount of money 💰 to help people

  • 15% Founders and Team

  • 10% Pre-Sale

  • 5% private Sale

  • 2 % Stake , AirDrops and Bounty

  • 1 % Binance Charity

  • 1 % Binance LaunchPool